Why vertical video matters

Opening vertical video was once a nuisance for viewers online but now paramount for your social media strategy (Especially your Instagram game).

For years we’ve been used to flipping our mobile devices to landscape when opening a video in vertical form. But now, the data is showing that we are consuming video more and more in the vertical/portrait format. Being able to create, edit, and share video that is tailored to the vertical format will become increasingly more and more important to how we show off our brand in a quality manor.

Luckily, for us, shooting vertical video is as easy as pulling out our mobile devices. The challenge lies in capitalizing on the small adjustments that take our video from a basic cellphone video to a compelling snippet of content…some are easier than others.

Hint: …. Fix your music

Giving footage a soundtrack hardly ever sounds like a bad idea right? That’s until you open Body by Brando sounding like its coming out of a tin can while watching a dog being walked down a sidewalk.  

It sounds horrible and it doesn’t fit the scenario.  

Even though recording a video with music being played on your phone’s speaker is still a very common way to add that “cinematic effect” – it’s quickly being seen as both common, and unappealing. So how are we supposed to make our videos better without a laptop and adobe premier you ask?

Queue iMovie (iOS).

Yes that’s right, the program we have all neglected since trying it in Grade 8 Computer Class.  

Not only can it inject your video with a built in sound track, every iPhone comes with the mobile app that lies dormant…somewhere on the second page. With an easy user interface, you can add some of your most fitting tunes to your video in less than a minute. This both gives your audio quality and allows you to actually think about what suits the video best. This saves you from throwing shuffle on last second before recording a snap in order not to miss the moment. From there you can share clips with quality and appropriate audio to your story and the best part is that your followers won’t expect it! Say goodbye to an office tour video scored by Akon!

However…something to note about iMovie:

You may find yourself somewhat frustrated when you are not able to add all of your songs you have on your mobile. This is because iMovie does not permit the use of songs that come from cloud subscriptions like Spotify or Apple Music. And if you’re like most people these days you probably use one or the other.

But don’t fret!

The easy way to get around this is to use Splice. This is a free mobile app similar to iMovie developed by our friends at GoPro. Now you can have access to every song on your mobile device. Another bonus about using Splice is that once you have finished crafting your masterpiece you can share your video directly to Instagram with the option of sharing it either to your story or as a post.

So there you have it, within your phone already lays the ability to spice up your Instagram stories. This small adjustment will give you 10x more ways to create video content that is

  1. More Compelling
  2. Matches your brand voice
  3. Better quality

Now get recording, download splice, and shock your audience on your next story post!